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Group Dog Walks


(4 Dogs max )

We constantly monitor group compatibility this is to to ensure the individual doggy  personalities are well matched. In our experience this is essential to promote both an enjoyable experience for the whole group  and prevent unnecessary behaviour traits from developing. Pack leadership is focused on myself, thus providing an enjoyable experience for all dogs whilst under my care and long afterwards when they are walked by yourselves, our client. 

Group walking is suitable for social dogs who mix well in a pack, they will be walked in some of the most beautiful areas that we have in Dorset. 

Our prices include collecting from your home and dropping safely back in areas 1&2. They will be given a full hours walk. They will be towelled dry and fresh water given. (Treats will be provided where on dietary requirements allow). Texts and Pictures sent to you from each adventure.

Solo Dog Walks 

If you prefer we offer solos walks, these are suitable if your dog is shy, nervous, or has social anxiety. We will discuss your requirements with you and provide a tailored service to suit you and your dog. They will cared for on a 1-1 basis.

Our prices include collecting from your home and dropping safely back in areas 1&2. They will be towelled dry and given fresh water before being settled down with any treats (where dietary requirements allow). We will provide you with any texts and pictures should you wish.

Elderly dog care and Puppy visits


We are available if you simply need someone to 'pop in and help' your elderly pooch. We are able to feed your pet, provide toilet relief. Give one-to-one attention, fresh water and treats where requested.

Should you have any other 'pop in' needs, I am happy to help.

Alternatively, If you also need someone to pop in and check on your beloved puppy, while you are indisposed, we are available.

We will feed your puppy, let them out for toilet relief.Ensure they are are happy and content and have fresh water. Provide one to one attention in accordance with your requirements


Please contact me with your needs, to discuss further. (Please note that sometimes during peak times these visits may be unavailable)

Emergency Drop in Visits 

We all have Emergencies that crop up from time to time. Thankfully I am here to help. If for example work have called you away at short notice or you are required to attend Hospital urgently, give me a call.

I will endeavour to help you as best I can. 

Please contact me with your requirements to discuss further.

Private Pet Sitting


We provide a 24 hour dog sitting service in the privacy of your own home, if you feel that your dog is best looked after in his or her own surroundings. We are fully insured, and Police checked (known as the DBS, Dissclosure and Barring Service ) to be relied on to look after your home, your pet and your keys.


Please contact me with your requirements to discuss further. Discounts available for long periods. 

Consultancy and other Services


If your requirements fall outside of these services, please do contact me to discuss. I will endeavour to point you in the right direction if i am unable to assist. 

Phone calls are free. 

Should you require a visit, i will provide a full assessment and feedback. 


Group Dog
Solo Dog
Home Visit
Pet Sitting
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