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Privacy Policy

Paws Platoon is required by law to abide by the latest General Data Protection Regulations.

We wish to reassure clients that your privacy and confidentiality are important to us.

Paws Platoon only use details about you and your pet in order to provide a professional service to you.

Occasionally we may email you to confirm and update details and changes you tell us about in relation to your pet or your personal circumstances.

These details remain private and confidential.

They are not passed to any other person or service unless you have given your permission i.e. via the Vet Release Form.

On rare occasions however, Paws Platoon may be asked to provide details to your vet or the police or statutory agencies, but these are for legal reasons beyond Paws Platoon control.

In these circumstances we may be required to comply with the current law and Paws Platoon may have to provide these details if it were a legal obligation to do so.

You can ask for your details to be erased at any time although obviously Paws platoon will not be able to provide a service to you in the future.

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